Element Vapor Juice Review – A THOROUGH Review of the Element Vape Juice System and Juice Maker

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Element Vapor Juice Review – A THOROUGH Review of the Element Vape Juice System and Juice Maker

Element Vapor Juice Review – A THOROUGH Review of the Element Vape Juice System and Juice Maker

Element Vape has been vapinger.com providing a trusted and affordable top quality e-juice for quite a while now. Although it started as a comparatively new product out there, they have always been there, catering to the needs of a wide variety of consumers, from the newbie to the veteran vaper. Their e-juice will come in multiple flavors too. They’re an American company based in California, therefore you are guaranteed to receive top quality products that use professional ingredients, without any preservatives. Given that they use natural flavors like fruit and veggies, the taste is actually very natural.

Element Vape

Element Vape’s website says they are able to only be delivered to the continental US, because of “administrative complications”. Please be aware from their web site that” administratively complicating” means “they are difficult to send to certain areas of the country because of distance or shipping costs”. Also, you may contact them at anytime, with any question or concern, at business hours.

Since they don’t have a offline store, shipping takes longer and could cost more than if you bought directly from the manufacturer. When ordering online, please note, “The process generally takes 2-3 business days – not necessarily longer, but longer than average”. It might take around seven transit times to reach depending on your location. Shops usually have “sold-out” signs displayed for a couple hours directly after we place the order. At business hours, they can only be reached during their operating hours, which vary from business to business.

One of the main reasons I stopped by using this juice company, is that customer service sucks! I ordered three flavors from them, and I’ve yet to get a refund, or any kind of assistance. The representative that was helping me was very rude and didn’t return my calls for over an hour, even when I repeatedly asked him for assistance. I’m still not sure what I did wrong, other than sending three different flavors of juice in differently designed bottles, but I definitely will not be ordering anything from them anymore.

If you live in Denver or elsewhere in the country, you should really consider Element Vape’s adult signature line. The flavors you can pick from include: Cucumber Mint, Lime Mint, Caramel Chocolate, Minty Caramel, and Sticky Banana. These are all excellent choices, and the manufacturer does an excellent job of discovering great flavors each time. The best thing about the adult line is the fact that it’s manufactured in house, so you won’t have to worry about having to drive to another location to get your next refill. If you don’t live near any of the Element Vape retailers, or if you live in Denver and desire to try their products, I highly recommend picking right up a bottle and trying them for yourself.

The other thing I would like to point out with regards to the Element Vape is their insufficient support for his or her American customers. When you purchase your bottle from an electric cigarette industry based store, you’ll typically receive an American flag printed on the bottle with your name. In addition to that, you will receive a complimentary original American Vape Ebook. This is pretty cool, especially because these ebooks have been which can significantly increase a consumer’s experience while using their electric cigarettes. Hopefully the Element Vape retail establishments will learn some of the same lessons that the other retail establishments have previously learned and offer more customer incentive programs such as both of these.

Overall, Personally i think that Element Vape is really a quality company. Their products are affordable, and they provide a variety of different flavors that are not commonly within other brands. The largest issue that I have personally had with them is their age verification system, and their failure to provide reward points for purchasing a bottle of these product. Hopefully down the road they’ll address these issues, because they can really be annoying when trying to create a purchase online. Also, my referral savings derive from me saving cash on my first purchase, if you are not a fan of the free ebooks, or you just don’t feel like making a purchase, I wouldn’t recommend this specific juice drinker.

Overall, I love the look and feel of the Element Vape, and the taste is very much like other juice drinkers that I have tried. I plan on buying a bunch of the juices when they come available, and I would recommend checking out the customer service that is provided by Element Vape. There are a few problems that I’ve seen, however, and offering needing to wait almost 7 weeks for my package to arrive. Luckily, customer service was pretty fast about fixing the issue, plus they were also free shipping on my order. Besides that, I would recommend looking into the Element Vape products, and I think you will be very happy with the purchase price point. It is one of the least expensive juicers that’s available in the market today, and you also get quality components normally.

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